Sorrento Golf Club Christmas Catering

Welcome to our online Christmas catering order form.

Let us take care of your Christmas lunch or dinner, whilst you catch up with family and friends this Christmas.
Whether you enjoy the traditional Christmas fare, the classic Australian seafood lunch or you'd prefer to relax and put your feet up with our 'Heat at Home' Christmas dinner, we have all the options covered.
Orders may be picked up between December 17th to 24th and be received by 5pm Saturday December 19th.
Please contact Richard Hartley or Shannon Richards on 59842226 if you would like your order before December 17th.

Select the quantity of each item you would like using the form below, and we will simply charge to your house account
Please note, all products weighed at raw weight.

Traditional Christmas fare

Item Approx. weight Price Quantity
Cooked turkey roll 3-5kg $33 per kg
Uncooked turkey roll 3-5kg $29 per kg
Wood smoked Tasmanian half leg ham 4-5kg $25 per kg
Wood smoked Tasmanian whole leg ham 8-9kg $25 per kg
Honey & orange glazed whole leg ham 8-9kg $35 per kg
Selection of traditional vegetables, with thyme, garlic & olive oil ready to roast Serves 4 $24
Heat at home Christmas dinner
Pistachio, chestnut & cranberry stuffed turkey ballantine. Selection of traditional roast vegetables, red wine jus
**Orders close Friday December 11th for this item**
Serves 4 $140

Fresh seafood

Adelaide Hills smoked salmon $55 per kg     kg
Whole side of tarator crusted slow roasted ocean trout (serves approx. 8) $38 per kg    
St. Helens opened oysters $22.50 per dozen     dozen
Cooked king prawns - unpeeled $50 per kg     kg


SGC Traditional Christmas pudding (serves approx. 8) 1.1kg $52 each
Summer pudding 1kg $52 each
Individual Summer puddings 120g $6 each


Apple sauce 200g $15
Cranberry sauce 200g $12
Red wine jus 250ml $18
Marie Rose sauce 250ml $18
Brandy Anglaise 500ml $20

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